No Representation Without Taxation!

During the late campaign, there was some talk on the conservative blogosphere about the fact that some 40% of the population does not pay federal income tax. Sure, they have tax withheld, but when they file their 1040s, tax credits, etc., reduce their tax liability to zero. (I know this can happen. When I was a lowly college student working to help pay my tuition, I never paid income tax. I was always able to reduce my tax liability to zero. Can’t do that now, I’m afraid.)

There was discussion of how Lord Obama’s tax plan would eventually ensure that those who pay federal income tax (“FIT” from now on) will be a minority. The majority of people would pay no FIT. Any tax increases would be guaranteed to only hit a minority on the population (and you can bet that there would be ONE minority the libs wouldn’t give a rat’s ass about).

It seems to me we’ve turned the Revolutionary complaint on it’s head. Instead of demanding “No taxation without representation!”, we need to agitate for and demand “No representation Without Taxation!” If you don’t pay tax, you don’t get to vote.

Now, I know this cannot be squared with the modern view of “one man. one vote, and don’t you dare ‘disenfranchise’ me (even if I’m dead, or too careless to mark my ballot properly, or I don’t know anything about the person I’m voting for, or…)!” But we must do something, or we will end up being modern Helots for those who see no problem in taking our hard-earned money and property. After all, they will have 50% +1, so they have to be right!

UPDATE:  I am wee todd did.  I should have looked at the Constitution.  The 24th amendment prohibits governments from requiring the payment of any tax to vote.  Time to call for a Constitutional Convention! (Not really…a Const. Conv will cause much more harm than any good it will do.)

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    I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

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