I Live in NC. Why Should I Bailout CA?

I was listening to the Great One Monday. His first segment was devoted to the question posed in the title of this post: why should residents of one state bailout the government of another state?

I live in North Carolina. I voted for the Pat McCrory and other Republicans on the ballot. Some of my chosen candidates won; others lost. If Bev Perdue and the Democrats, in pursuing the policies they said they would pursue run up a deficit, the bill should come due to the voters of North Carolina. After all, we put them in office (speaking in the aggregate, of course).

The voters of North Carolina did NOT elect Arnold Schwartzenegger governor of California, nor did we elect the members of the California legislature; The voters of California did that all by themselves. The CA Legislature passed spending bills in accordance with the wishes of the voters of California. They now face a deficit of billions of dollars, and want the Federal government to bail them out.

Why should my tax dollars go to pay for programs in California that I had no say in? We’re not talking about federal programs, where my representatives in Congress have input and a vote. These costs and debts were enacted by the state of California for the citizens of California. They should suffer the consequences, not the citizens of North Carolina.

The Constitution only guarantees the states a republican form of government; it does not guarantee them solvency!

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