About Last Night – Why Didn’t Romney Pounce?

During last night’s debate, Pres. Obama made the following statement:

“…a teacher that I met in Las Vegas, a wonderful young lady, who describes to me – she’s got 42 kids in her class.  The first two weeks she’s got them, some of them sitting on the floor until finally they get reassigned. They’re using text books that are 10 years old.”

While there are many who say this is a deplorable situation and the federal government needs to send more resources, Gov. Romney missed an opportunity to differentiate himself and explain a different philosophy of government.

Gov. Romney should have said something like:

“The citizens of Las Vegas elected their school board, who put in place the current district management.  If the district is mismanaged to this extent, the voters of Las Vegas can replace the school board, or vote to tax themselves more to provide the needed resources.  What they should not be able to do is to go to the federal government and ask that they take money from citizens in North Carolina to pay for their teachers and books.  The voters in North Carolina had no say in how the Las Vegas district was managed.  Why should they have to pay?”

I think that an answer along these lines shows clear commitment to republicanism.  The people of Las Vegas made certain choices in their self-governing.  They must live with the results of these choices, and work their way out.

It’s too bad no one ever said something like this before.  Oh, wait a minute

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