Two Things Holding You Back

What keeps you from moving forward in your job, your career, your life?  What keeps you from achieving your goals and dreams?

I believe there are really only two things holding us back.  They are fear, and giving up.  These two factors prevent us from moving forward, indeed, keep us in our place.


There many ways fear keeps us locked in place.  We’re afraid when trying something new.  Fear of looking foolish is a big one for me, or that I’m obviously new at everything and people laugh at me.  I’ve been afraid to apply for better position because of an irrational fear that everyone will discover fraud because on day on I’m winging it.

See that word up there?  “Irrational.”  This fear has no real basis.  No one will be hurt or killed.  No one is even aware.  I forget to point this out to me, but most people are so wrapped up in their own lives and work that they never give you a second thought.  Harsh, but true.  As my dear wife tells me “get over yourself.”

So how do you overcome fear?  By just soldiering on.  Note that you may fail at first, her look foolish, but just do it.  It may feel as if you’re going through hell, but as Churchill said “when you’re going through hell, keep going!”

Giving Up

That brings us to the second thing that holds us back: getting up.  I’m tempted by this all the time.  But things get hard, and there’s no payoff in sight, it’s easy to think that you should quit.  It even seems rational: “I’ve expended all this effort and I got nothing.”

And yet…

Maybe you just haven’t done enough yet to get to the payoff.  Maybe success is right around the corner, and you get there if you don’t give up.  If you have ability and can compete and you don’t give up his stand a good chance of success.  Walt Disney said “the difference between winning and losing is frequently not quitting.”  So don’t quit!  Look on those less successful days as lessons.  Edison tried nearly 1,000 different materials for the filament in a light bulb.  After the first 400 so failed, Edison said “I now know 400 things that don’t work.”

Have Edison’s attitude.  Don’t quit!

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