Quick Thoughts on The Court’s Decisions

My initial reaction:  I don’t think I exaggerate when I say we’ve seen the end of self-government in these United States.  All the executive of a State has to do to void an law he or she doesn’t like, but also doesn’t have the balls to veto, is to not defend it when challenged.

The next Dem governor of NC will see to it that the marriage amendment is gone by not mounting a defense to a challenge.  All it will take is a plaintiff alleging “animus” (in Mr. Justice Kennedy’s words [no relation, that I know of]) to file a case, and the Governor not performing his or her duty.  Poof!  Same-sex marriage crammed down the throats of the people of NC.

An Article V amendment convention or secession.  Those are the choices left to those who want to govern themselves.

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