A Nice Juxtaposition

On my drive home this evening, I was listening to Performance Today on the local classical public radio station (WDAV).  “Les Preludes” by Franz Liszt was on.  The traffic came to a stop, and another SUV came up alongside.  We both had our windows open.  I could hear the rap (or hip-hop, if you will) blasting from his speakers.

And there we had a perfect juxtaposition to illustrate the decline of Western culture.  Don’t get me wrong: I enjoy rock music, blues, bluegrass, and jazz.  But all of those genres have actual musicians, and they create actual music.  It’s downhill from Liszt to Led Zeppelin; Liszt to Lil Wayne is falling off a cliff.

I note in passing that this also illustrates the decline of Western civilization, but increased by an order of magnitude.

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