Meditation on Meditation

I’ve meditated off and on for the past year. Typically, I’ll go for 10 to 15 min. a day and keep it up for five days. Maybe a week.

Than life intrudes.  I’ll miss a day, then another, and say “the Hell with this!”

It doesn’t help matters that, to my understanding, the benefits of meditation come through long-term practice (or at least longer-term than a work week!).

What exactly are the benefits I expect?  I know for a fact that I feel refreshed after I’m done.  But that’s a short term effect.  Listening to long-time practitioners and proponents of meditation (e.g. Howard Stern, Rob Long) talk about their experience, I expect to be able to truly focus my mind and to shut out external stimuli.  I also looked to be centered and find calm in stressful situations.

Again, I suspect I’ll need to string together more than five sessions to see these benefits.  But how to stay on track?

I think I’ve found a couple of tools to help me.  More about those in my next post.  (Hint: One is a Kindle/iPhone app.  The other is a website.)

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