Keeping On Track

So, I’ve committed to daily meditation sessions.  Mind you , I’ve done this before.  More than once.  But after a few days maybe a week or two, I’ll miss a day.  And then another.

And then I say “Ah, the hell with it.  I’m not seeing any benefits anyway.”

Daily practice is essential to reap the benefits of meditation (or so I’ve heard).  This seems to be the key to getting the benefits of any activity.  How do we stay on track?

One evening I checked out a story on Lifehacker:  “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Mediocre People“.  The article was quite good, and by that I mean thought-provoking.  I found the author’s website and after some futzing around (kind of like what I’m doing this paragraph), I found a link to a site called “The Daily Practice“.

The site embodies two things: James Aultucher’s “daily practice” and Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity tip “don’t break the chain!”  Basically, you state your goals, enter them, and check them off  as you do them.  The big thing it does is give you a visual of the chain you’re not breaking.  You can also have the site send you a reminder to do something (like, oh I don’t know, meditate).  Check it out for yourself.

The second thing I use is an application called “Insight Timer”.  You can set it up for meditation sessions, track them, etc.  The free version of the app also has some guided meditations.  (I need those at this stage of development.)  It is available for the iPhone, iPad, Android, and Kindle.

I’ve only been using these for a few days.  In fact, I’m at the stage where usually miss a day or two and then quit.  I know that some point, though, I will break the chain.  What then?

I have to go back see exactly what Jerry says, if anything, but I think it’s probably along lines of “Start a new chain.  Don’t break this one.”

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