About Me/Hire Me

I’m a Charlotte based freelance writer with deep roots in the information systems shops of financial service corporations.

I always enjoyed writing  I was the kid whose essay the teacher used as an example of how to structure and present an argument.  In college, I was the one tasked with writing up group projects and reports.  I was the copy editor of the college newspaper, and other students asked me to give their papers and reports a final editing.

(Looking back, I should have started a copy editing business while in school.  If youth knew…)

In my professional life I was assigned most of the writing tasks on a project (along with the “real” project work, of course).  These tasks were user guides, specifications, white papers, and product reviews and comparisons.  Presentations and Power Point decks for senior management came later in my career.

I wrote copy for a school board campaign, as well as some Op-Ed pieces for our newspaper.

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Systems Planning and Management from Stevens Institute of Technology.  I earned an MBA in Finance from New York University.

I can deliver the content that helps you or your company reach your goals.  Let’s talk about your writing needs.

E-mail me at dan_kennedy@kennymoor.com.  I would love to talk about your writing needs and see how I can help!